Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The mother-in-law jokes out there are countless.  I have never heard father-in-law or sibling-in-law jokes.  Poor mother-in-laws.  It is scary because someday...I don't even want to think about this...I will be a mother-in-law.  I don't have any jokes to tell about my in-laws. 

I come from a very close famiy.  My mom and dad, brother and his family and sisters are all christians and attend the same church as I do. When people ask about my famiy I am delighted to tell them that we are all saved and in church together. We see each other 3 times a week at church and I am probably at my parent's house once a week or more.  Does it get better than that?

Yes, actually it does.  I could "copy and paste" the previous paragraph to describe my husband's family.  We are VERY BLESSED to have both of our families in church with us.  Not only are my in-laws all in church with us, we have a good relationship.  We come from different backgrounds, maybe don't see "eye to eye" on everything, have different ways of doing things, eat different things (them:  antipasto, prosciuto wrapped melon, eggplant, anchovie mother-in-law is Italian; me: meat and potatoes), have different opinions about some things.  BUT our relationship is not strained. 

I enjoy getting together with my husband's family.  Not everyone can say that.  Just yesterday my sisters-in-law and I went for a walk.  Maybe they just felt bad and let me tag along on their sister outing, but I enjoyed myself.  There are many ladies who can't say that.  Many ladies dread getting together with the in-laws.  Maybe my sisters-in-law feel that way about me.  Maybe I am sitting here thinking how wonderful we get along and they are sitting there thinking let's get this over with.  :)  Either way I am thankful they put up with me because I enjoy them.  I try hard not to be an annoying in-law or one who it always giving their opinion and telling how to do things the right way.  I don't do very well with that, but I try. 

What is the point of this post?  Thanking God that he gave me a family.  A family that loves each other and still talks to each other and has a good time together.  Thanking God that he gave the same to my husband and because of that I can have both.  We are blessed!!!!

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