About Me

First of all, I am a born again, Bible believing Christian. At the age of 20 I married the man that I not only wanted, but God knew I needed. God has blessed us with 2 children (my son, WD, and my daughter, LE) which I homeschool. It is kind of funny that I have a blog because I don't enjoy writing...especially when other people will be reading it.  Why blog then? Recently, my chiropractor/nutritionist put me on a low grain/no sugar diet. Attempting to get all the information I can on grain free/sugar free living, I have been reading many blogs. I always thought blogs were written by polished writers writing about specific topics.  I found many simple, everyday people writing journals of their lives.  That is my purpose here.  To keep a journal of our journey. This blog is more for myself than anything else. It is a place where I can keep track of our homeschool days,family life and my new diet. If you happen upon it, I hope you will find something that is a help to you or that you will simply enjoy what you see.