Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is it April already?????

Where did March go?  I was just posting my March Resolutions, wasn't I?  As I was washing the bathroom floor I realized we are in April and I have not written a post about my April Resolutions.  I guess that is because I don't have any.  March was a rough month on so many levels.  I did a terrible job keeping my previous resolutions and barely did any of March's resolutions. April resolution is simply...


That is the good thing about focusing on a month at a time.   Each new month is a new start...mentally anyway...except for when you miss the beginning of the month and don't realize it until 5 days in...anyway...I am going to be working on getting myself back in order. 

Next week we have our church's anniversary celebration.  It is a week of special evening services...with preaching and singing.  In addition to that my hubby will be on call during the night for work.  It will be a busy week!!! 

Yesterday I spent almost the entire morning ironing clothes for all of us (except LE...her clothes rarely need ironing...yay!!!) to wear to each service...that is about 22 outfits...not fun, but I will be thankful next week.   Today I am trying to completely clean the house and maybe get a few meals together.  I am hopeful this will help get me back on track with my 10 minute chores, exercises and such. 

One thing that has been going well is my diet.  There hasn't been much weight loss which is discouraging.  The encouraging part is the way I much better when I eat right.

Well, I must sign off for now.  LE got a Fancy Nancy book from the library and is making her room "Fancy"  I need to go check and make sure "Fancy" isn't turning into "Messy."  I am not sure I can take all this "poshness"  ( You will have to read the book...posh is a fancy word for fancy).  :) 

Enjoy the day!

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  1. Wow that is a lot of ironing! :) phew!
    Don't worry you will catch up soon!! Have the kids come over for a day if you like!!