Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Month Resolutions-March

Looking ahead to March, I am looking forward to warmer weather, hubby starting plants for the garden, and the kids being able to spend more time outside.  About this time of year I think we all start to get the spring cleaning itch.  There are so many areas that desperately need spring cleaning in my home.  It is hard to keep focused on little steps. 

Here are my resolutions for March:

1.  Continue to follow February's resolutions

2.  "Target Room Cleaning"  I have divided my home into sections to clean each day.  Here is my schedule (Sorry it is blurry.  I am not exactly sure how to insert a document):

3.  Pick 2 Popsicle Stick exercises to do each weekday. My exercise ideas are simple and include crunches, push-ups, arm exercises, jumping jacks.  I plan on having the kids participate as well. 

That is all for this month.  I am pleased with how things are going as I move to more order in our  home.  It is a satisfying feeling to look around and see things that have been cluttered or needing attention cleaned up.

Go pick a Popsicle stick.  :)

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