Monday, August 1, 2011

A walk with the kids

It has been a great summer thus far.  It is going by too quickly, but it has been great!!!!  Usually by now I am saying, "We need to start school.  The kids are running out of things to do. I miss the schedule and routine."  This year has been different.   Last summer I was struggling with some health issues.  Thank the Lord many of those issue has significantly improved.  I feel much better and have been able to take the kids different places...even go for walks.  Today we went to a local biking/walking path along a river for about a 3 mile walk.  WD rode his bike while LE and I walked.  LE was pretty worn out half way through, but she kept going with some encouraging a short piggy back ride from mom.  When we were almost to the van, we took a break and found a nice spot by the river to soak our feet.  LE decided she wanted to soak more than her feet.  She practically sat in the water.  It was so nice just sitting there enjoyed God's creation and each other. 
 And they started out running.

Soaking our weary piggies.  

Still dry...soon sitting in the water.

LE had fun covering her feet with mud.  WD didn't even want to take his shoes off.  He eventually came around and got in the water.
"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."--Ps 127:3

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  1. That last pic is great!!! Sounds like fun. I miss the river. The CT by our house is dirty!! ;)