Friday, August 12, 2011

W.E.W-Part 7

I guess my weekend project is turning into a week-plus project.  That is okay.  Last night some of the shelving went up.  I was a little disappointed in Ikea's "white" bookshelves.  They are not white, but cream.   Due to the long trip back to return them and the lack of other options, we decided to keep them and deal with the mis-matched color.  It is very overwhelming to start the process of organization.  I will have to take it little by little.  Right now most of the "stuff" is in plastic containers.  I would like to replace most of those with baskets, decorative boxes or containers.  One by one I will do that. 

Today, I will do my best to assemble the second book shelf.  Then I will beging putting things away.  I found a great article (the link follwos) about organizing your kid's things. ( )   I love the "Toy Library."  That has been one of my plans with this whole "Play Room Makeover."  Our kids have too many things to take care of.  That leads to them making a mess and not appreciating what they have.  My goal is to put most of their things in storage and let them have a few things out.  They can swap things out, but they can only have a set number of things out at one time. 

On that note, I was thinking this morning.  This whole week they have had duplo blocks to play with and not much else.  WD is 9, so he doesn't play with duplo blocks much.  You know what?  They have had the best time with those blocks.  They did play outside and we did go out some.  They played other things, but mostly their toys have been limited to the blocks and what they have in their rooms.  What does this prove?  Less is more. 

This is the beginning of our new shelving.  More to come.


  1. I think it looks great! You are inspiring me to get more organized!!!

  2. Wow, that looks absolutely fantastic!! Funny, I am in the process of also making my craft room downstairs (what used to be the girls playroom) back into a playroom! We had literally used that room to dump everything in there when we were cleaning out every other room in the house. It was to the point where you could only step about 2 feet (literally your own 2 feet) in the room and it was packed about half way up to the ceiling. I am going to have to take some pics tomorrow and maybe start a remodeling blog. I have all my plans already in place for every room in this house and my goal was to get it done by years end...well that probably won't happen because there just aren't the funds to do it all!
    Keep up the good work, it looks great!