Monday, August 27, 2012


Yesterday my hubby and I were talking about our camping trip coming up.  I pulled out my notebook and started writing my "to do" list for the week.  Then I turned the page and started my food list.  The other pages contain packing lists and previous "to do" lists.  The comment was made by my husband that I have a list for everything.  I do.  I am a list person.  I love to have everything written on out so I can cross things out as a I do them and yes, it has to be on paper.  I may make an spreadsheet list on the computer, but I must print it.  What fun is a list if you can't cross something off with a pen.  I need my paper!!!

As school and vacation are fast approaching I have many things to do, so my lists increase.  I find myself  wondering,  "does everyone write lists to stay on top of their days?"  If not, what other methods are used?  Are you a pen and paper "lister" or do you prefer electronics? Do you have another method?  I would love to hear your list organization tips.

Going to get my notebook...

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  1. I am a list addict. I love making lists....sometimes I think it's a nervous tic! Lol lists are great for keeping me on task, motivated and feeling like I did something at the end of the day...."decently and inn order" :)