Sunday, August 5, 2012

August New Month Resolutions

The first two months of summer are always a whirlwind of activity...finishing school, vacations, camp much going on.  August comes and I feel like I can breathe again.  I can stop to take time to think about re-organizing, cleaning out. AND getting things ready for school?   Yes, school.  I think a home school mom always has school/education somewhere on her brain.

 I do have to say this year when official school was finished, I was finished.  I have never enjoyed the ending of school and beginning of summer more than I did this year.  Was it because I taught 2 this year?  Maybe it was the early warm weather?  I am not sure why, but it was nice to start summer vacation and it has been nice to be on summer vacation.  No schedule, just down time.  (Well, other than the cooking, cleaning, mothering, and all that regular stuff.)

With school only a month away, I am working on getting our home prepared. I made my weekly to do lists and have been crossing things off each week.  It is exciting to see each task completed and crossed off the list.  Some things have had been put on hold (Like re-staining or painting kitchen cabinets...I would love suggestions, but guess that is a different post).  This post is not about "to do" lists, so I will not bore you with those details and get right to the point (ok, so I already blew I will get right to the point)

First, last month did I do? (comments in italics)

Spiritual Resolutions:

1.  To be spiritually minded.  A work in progress.  So hard to do with so much carnality in me.
2.  To be more encouraging.  To praise my children more.  See above note. :)

Physical Resolutions:

1.  Laundry. Going well.  Folding right out of the dryer.  Doing full load...wash, dry, fold...most days.  Now, I just need to put it away everyday.

2.  Ten minute chore. Still working on "to do lists"  These are more like hour chores.  Will start Popsicle sticks back up in September.

3.  Exercise. Ummm....let's not go there. 

4.  Write 2 more blog posts this month. Maybe this month????

Now for August

August Resolutions:

1.   Continue to work on spiritual resolutions

2.  Laundry.  Put folded clothes away daily.

3.  Exercise.

4.  Write 1 more blog post this month.  Is that possible???

What are your goals for this month?  Do you have a summer "to do" list or do you take the summer off from lists?  That makes me panic.  No lists.  How can someone function without lists...lists on clip boards, lists on the computer, lists on the it possible to be "listless"?  :)

Today is the Lord's Day.  The first day of the week.  What better day to sit down, take a few minutes to pray and ask Him to order your week and give you a fresh start.

Enjoy the day.  Take time to worship and praise the God of new beginnings and fresh starts.

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  1. That is one thing I worry about with homeschooling...that I will never fee
    Officially done for the I am glad to hear you felt that way this year! :) can't wit to red. Ore this month! :)