Monday, September 10, 2012

We made it!

Today, our first day of school, started with our first grader up at the "crack of dawn" and our fifth grader having to be dragged out of bed.  LE (the first grader) was up and ready...chores done and everything...well before WD even made an appearance.  Despite the sleepy son things went well and we were able to start school on time.

School starts with devotions.  Then WD is off to do some independent work while LE and I do some cleaning.  The rest of the school day is spent hopping between both kids.  Things went very smoothly for the first day with only a few minor "melt downs."

This past spring I attended a Homeschool Convention where I was greatly encouraged and learned many things to help me through another school year.  I am so thankful I was able to go and would love to attend another one.  My prayer is that I would be able to implement the things I have learned and allow the Holy Spirit to order my day. 

Just a little thought...if you teach your children at home, do you consider yourself a "home schooler" or a "home educator"  I think I fall somewhere in between.  What does homeschooling mean to you?

As moms we must remember that whether our children are taught at home or in a classroom the best teachers our children will ever have is us.  How are we measuring up?

Take a few minutes each day and ask the Lord to help you be the teacher He would want you to be.  Our ultimate goal should be to raise children that have eternal purpose.

God bless you as you train your children for His glory!

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