Sunday, October 9, 2011

Young Boy's Devotional Book

Since my son has been able to read, we have been having him read passages in the Bible each day.   I have tried different things.   In the beginning I marked a different verse for him to read each day.  Then as his reading progressed, I would give him longer portions.  Typically, I would make a daily reading schedule for him.  Using this method, he read through all four gospels and Proverbs.  This is a method that worked fairly well. 

There are pros and cons to this method.  It is good for him to simply get in the habit of reading the word of God each day.  At the same time, I want to encourage him to be retaining and applying what is appropriate for his reading/age level.  What I wanted for him was a devotional guide.  A book that would give him some scriptures to read along with some questions that corresponded with the passage. I didn't want a read this verse now here is a story to go along with it (like a Keys for Kids--which is a  good devotional book to do as a family in my opinion).  I wanted something that would challenge him to look more closely at the passage he read.  Something that would be a guide to how to read the Bible and retain what you read.

The other thing I wanted in a devotional guide was strictly King James material.  I am a King James Bible believer.  I don't want my children reading scriptures that are not from the KJB.  King James only material for children is very hard to find.   Our local Christian book store is very small.  I never really have found much there.  I don't like ordering things from on-line book stores for the kids becaus you never know what you are going to get. 

So what was my solution?  Make one. I thought since I know what I want for a devotional guide for my son, why not make one?  I finished my first section last week.  I am planning on writing each section on a young man in the Bible.  The first section is on Samuel.  It is time consuming, but serves a two fold purpose.  I have to study to write the guide (extra scripture study time for me) and a more purposeful devotion time for my son.   This is a trial.  We will be starting this Monday.   I am excited.  I wish I had had something like this when I first started reading my Bible daily.  (I probably could benefit from this now).

I would love to hear how others encourage their children's personal Bible reading/devotional time.

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  1. This sounds great!! I'd love to see a sample of a passage/question you came up with - that would be very inspiring I think! I have wanted to do something for A. NOT as complex... I wanted to pull out EASY short scriptures for VERY YOUNG children that are good for reading/memorizing. Maybe ones that have a visual so I can pair it with a picture... I know, that is WAY simpler than what you're doing... and probably somebody already wrote some book like that... but that's the idea I was having... just thought I'd share.